After about 6 months of debating with myself whether or not I should start a blog, I have finally took the plunge and here I am. My name is Camilla, I am a wife and a mum of 1 amazing little boy who is now 3. My journey into motherhood is what inspired me to want to start this blog. If you’re a parent or guardian yourself you’ll know that this is one hell of a ride. Full of amazing moments, but also some that are not so pleasant.

I wanted to be able to write about and share my experiences with you. I’m not sure if I’ll be dropping any advice as lets be real, there’s no parenting manual out there. Hopefully you can relate with some of my stories and I’d also love to hear about yours! Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and lets chat!

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  1. - Nelis (Mixed Things Mom) says:

    Looking forward to keep reading your blog posts. Thanks for sharing! 🌺

  2. Nice blog. Love reading all ideas.

  3. says:

    Amazing family ❤️

  4. I love reading your blog. So many relatable experiences and Maalik is beautiful 💕

    1. Hey girlie, Thank you so much!

      1. What an amazing idea!! I think you’re going to inspire a lot of mummy’s out there! I can’t wait to read your stories 💜❤️

    2. Love your posts so far. So exited for new content ♥️ XX

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