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It wasnt easy...

The beginning of motherhood

Pregnancy is such an amazing blessing, its a miracle infact!

You are about to have a tiny human, (or multiple humans) grow inside of you, planned or a surprise what a beauty that is.

Thinking back to when I would turn over a pregnancy test every month and see nothing but negatives really took its toll on me.

I was constantly getting asked by family and friends “When are you going to have a baby?” like it was actually in our control.

We can always have our plans but everything happens in gods timing and there’s nothing you can do but have patience and trust that he knows what is best.

This was something that was learnt after giving birth.
During our time of trying to conceive I was definitely in my own head a lot and started thinking that something was wrong with me.

Thinking that my husband would leave me because I couldn’t give him this one precious thing.

There were times when I wanted to stop trying all together as my plans for a house full of children seemed almost impossible.
I assumed that god had other plans for my life and maybe being a mum wasn’t in my future at all.

I always imagined that conceiving was super simple.
We couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening for us.

I’d watched enough teen mum shows where it happened by accident on the first encounter so why would it be any different for me?

After months and months of being in a constant state of hopelessness, we finally got that positive after just over a year of trying!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, they had become so adapted to seeing ‘Not Pregnant’ that it almost didn’t sink in properly.

I think I took 3 tests just to be sure and then I did the “Can you get a fake positive” google search just to be EXTRA sure and to put my mind at ease and that’s when it all began…

9 months of HEARTBURN!!!