Here’s why it’s so important…

I should start off by saying that I wouldn’t change a thing about having my son, but being a mum is bloody hard work! Whether you have one child or a whole football team, mum life can get pretty overwhelming and finding the time to indulge in some selfcare? Yeah right!

I’ve always loved having time to myself, being able to sit in silence and not have to talk to anyone for a little while is absolute bliss for me and plays a huge part in my life.

I moved out of mums at the age of 26 and was now in my own home after becoming a wife and
my new life Alhamdullilah, was perfect.
However, at times I felt like something was missing.
Near enough every day I was having random mood swings and would get easily irritated over the smallest of things.
By the time Maalik turned 6 months old I felt I was at my worst.
I didn’t feel like myself, at all. I was existing to care for the boys and nothing else.
My days felt so tedious, I barely even thought about myself anymore or what I needed to feel good.
Worst of all, my much needed time to myself was non existent.

♥ Self care is important regardless of whether you have a family or people to look after.
You always need to be okay for yourself and you should never feel guilty about putting your needs f
irst. ♥

Pray or make Dua

As a Muslim, we believe that Allah will never burden a soul with more than it can handle. So whenever I face any difficulties, He is always the one I turn to first to remove any hardships from my life. Reading positive affirmations daily also helps me to feel calm.
I find printing affirmations out, framing them and putting them around your home is a really nice touch and useful to have in those hard moments. To have visual positivity around your home will impact your mood in a great way.

A candle lit bubble bath

This will calm my mood instantly and probably explains why our water bill is so high!
Before having Maalik I’d be in there for hours with my laptop watching a movie. Once he was born all I could fit in were 3 minute showers if I was lucky. Once he turned 2 I was able to fit them in while he went for a nap or once he had gone to bed for the night. It’s probably the thing I look forward to the most in terms of alone time. I might actually go and run one after I’ve posted this now that I’ve talked it up so much lol.

♡ Book into a hotel alone

I don’t need to say much else, a selfcare weekend? Yes please!

Apply a face mask.

I remind myself that the chores can wait and then I will take a 20 minute break for myself. It allows me to clear my head and be in a better mood to continue with my day.

Make use of that foot spa you’ve got tucked away in the back of a cupboard somewhere!

I use mine in the evenings when everyone else is in bed. Sometimes followed by a manicure and pedicure while watching a movie. A great way to unwind after a hard day.

Get Colouring!

Now hear me out, if you enjoy doing artsy things. Grab yourself an adult colouring book. I have a few of them and I find when I’m needing something to relax me they never fail. Amazon has a ton of them and you can thank me later.

♡ I like to make a hot drink and find somewhere quiet to read a book.

I’m not a huge reader as I always find I could be doing other things. However, when I have actually taken my own advice it does feel nice to get wrapped up in a world that isn’t my own for a little while, that is before reality kicks in and I have to go and make dinner *Sighs*

Go for a drive! It gives me time to clear my mind which I need, a lot of the time.

Anything that I can do alone really puts me in an amazing headspace. It can be so draining to have people rely on you constantly.
Prioritize time for yourself!
It can be so detrimental to your health if you don’t.

Comment below things you like to do when you’re not feeling yourself.