When I found out I was pregnant I immediately wanted to buy everything baby related. I was putting a wipes warmer into my Amazon basket, 2 different kinds of swings, baby shoes (yes they’re adorable but save your money sis, the baby isn’t walking anywhere!)

It was like I had developed an addiction to baby shopping and was buying ridiculous amounts of clothing – all newborn size because I didn’t want to be that “He will grow into it” parent. I wanted his clothes to look good on him and fit him throughout every stage as he grew.

However, I quickly learned my lesson when I was left with half of his wardrobe full of newborn clothes that he never got to wear. It felt like he grew out of newborn and straight into 3-6 months after only a couple of weeks.
My son Maalik is one now and while reflecting on the money I wasted, I wanted to recommend some products that didn’t go to waste and that I got a great deal of use from.

This page does contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them I will receive a small commission (At no additional cost to you) Thank you for your support in advance!

1. My sense of smell during my whole pregnancy altered drastically, everything smelt awful and caused me to feel super nauseous.

This Febreeze air fresher though…

(It feels really weird to be recommending an air freshener but it literally changed my life). It smells so clean and heavenly and the scent is SO long lasting. Every time guests came over they would compliment the smell of my home and its still the only air freshener I use a year on.

2. Stretch marks came late in my pregnancy for me, I only got a few and I put it down to using

Burts bee’s belly butter and Bio Oil

I would use them alternatively from about 5 months on, when my bump really started to show. I don’t know if the two combined was a killer combo or I just got lucky but both made my bump super soft during my pregnancy and I continued to use it for a few months after baby was born. The bio oil especially really helped to fade the few marks I did have.

3. I only breast fed Maalik for a few weeks as I had such a hard time with it. It was painful, and he wasn’t getting enough milk even though he was constantly attached to me it felt like.

I used these Maternity bra’s

which I loved. They have a clip attached to the strap so you can easily unclasp that when needed.

4. Another thing that I relied on was my

Pregnancy pillow

especially during the last trimester, I found sleeping in general very uncomfortable so this was a god send. Every expecting mama should have one. It helped me to be able to sleep comfortably while being slightly upright due to excessive acid reflux and heartburn.

Things that I loved using for baby


Graco Evo XT Pushchair

Perfect for 0-3 years. It has a gorgeous design and you can separately purchase a car seat and pram attachment, meaning this will last you a very long time! I was obsessed with Khaki as a theme and this fit perfectly. Baby was very comfortable in this and I found it was very smooth to push around and very easy to open and close with no fuss.


Sleep pod

This is really adorable and its the main reason I bought it to be completely honest. However it turned out to be one of the products I found really useful. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot and found this one really affordable. It comes in plenty of cool designs – I chose the grey with stars but they all look gorgeous. A perfect gift for anyone expecting a child too.

Although Maalik had his cot set up in his room. He wasn’t going to be in there for a couple of months so we needed something for our room in the meantime.


White Dimple Moses Basket

We used a moses basket similar to the one above. It was fine to use during the day, but as a new mum I wanted to be closer to my baby at night. I wanted to hold his hand as he slept and to be right next to him should anything concern me. We all loved the

Chicco Side Sleeper

it was amazing. The reviews were all fantastic which is the main reason I bought it and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

A cheaper alternative would be the

Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper

Simple in design, Five-position height adjustment and also comes with a free fitted sheet.


The 4moms MamaRoo

It got my attention way before I got pregnant. I knew a few families who had one and I fell in love with it right away. It is bluetooth enabled, has 5 different speeds and motions. It is easy to adjust angles and I found it soothed baby really well while I was busy doing things around the house and he was always very comfortable in it.

A cheaper alternative I considered was the

Babymoov Swoon Up Bouncer

I liked its clean simple design, it is height adjustable and reclineable. A good second option if you’re buying on a budget.

5. Baby monitors are really important, however for the first few months we didn’t need one as baby was either in his sleep pod or next to me in bed. Once it was time for him to sleep in his own room that’s when we decided on the

BOIFUN monitor

It has a great looking design, is very easy to set up and is clever enough to adapt to night mode automatically so you don’t have to adjust any settings. The monitor also has a 5 inch HD LCD screen, making it perfect to see your baby.


Changing table

I purchased mine from IKEA. It is very similar to the one linked. It has a simple design, so easy to match with other furniture you may have, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space but stored a lot of items. I would fill the lower level with nappies and the middle layer with wipes and nappy sacks.

7. I was so tired of waking up exhausted to trek down to the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil before filling baby’s bottle. Then waiting even longer for it to cool down – I decided to invest in a

Tommee Tippee bottle prep machine

It was especially useful in the middle of the night as I would bring it up to our bedroom and use it from the bedside table which was honestly such a luxury. It produces the correct serving and temperature of water for your baby’s bottle with just 2 pushes of a button and cuts the preparation time down by a mile. This link includes the machine, filter and one Tommee Tipee bottle.

8. All babies are different and not all bottles are the same. I started off with

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

which baby loved straight away. I love that this set of bottles come in different sizes. You’ll also receive a bottle brush and dummy. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone expecting.


Muslin cloths

I came across these while searching for regular bibs. I would fold them into triangles and lightly tie them at the back of his neck. While bibs are quite small in size, these would hang low and I found them to absorb a lot of his dribble. If you don’t want to use them as a bib they’re also a great sick cloth, just to throw over your shoulder while holding baby. Definitely an essential item.

10. This is obviously not essential hence why its at the bottom of my list but I found having a

Nice sized screen / TV

for baby’s room was really nice. I used it for youtube mainly to play relaxing sounds. I found that they helped him drift off to sleep. As he continues to get older I adapt the things I play for him. At the moment we use it for nursery rhymes while we play and he really enjoys it. I believe in limiting TV time and so I make sure we do a lot of reading and creative play. He loves to be outdoors and I enjoy setting up activities for him to help with his developmental skills.

I have a personal Ebay account where I sell things Maalik has grown out of, or just things we no longer use. Feel free to check it out by clicking here.