Now I don’t know if its just me, but I always thought of pregnancy symptoms as, kind of cute in a way. Little reminders that your body is changing while you get on with life. Little did I know this would not be the case for me. I found myself going on early maternity leave and was subjected to my bed for about 80% of my day while the other 20% was me taking trips to the bathroom, I was completely exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy to be pregnant but the only thing I actually took pleasure from was the fact I could blame the bloated tummy on my baby, it didn’t matter that I was only a few weeks pregnant, I was using that excuse as soon as I saw the positive test result! I was so excited for pregnancy, I wanted all the symptoms (in moderation), I wanted to feel pregnant and boy did I get exactly what I wished for!

Morning sickness & Nausea

Why doesn’t anyone inform you that the sickness isn’t only for the morning? You can have this all day, throughout your whole pregnancy! From about 8 weeks in I was done for, throwing up morning, noon and night, it was the worst symptom I had and nothing I did would ease it. I would be sitting down to have a meal and just one bad whiff of something would send me off to throw up, sometimes being sick 2-3 times with just one meal.

My sense of smell was heightened

I remember when I first noticed this, I walked past my husband one morning and the smell of him made me heave, he was wearing the same cologne as always but all of a sudden I just couldn’t stand it! The smell of toothpaste made me want to throw up. My nose seemed super sensitive to my kitchen in particular, I remember constantly saying to my husband “Whats that smell?” The only way I could describe is by saying that I could smell bacteria! It was very strange, I stopped cooking towards the end of my pregnancy, hubby took over (when I say took over I mean he got real friendly with the local takeaways)

My taste buds were gone

From about 6 months on wards, everything I ate tasted like cardboard or tissue paper. No I’ve never eaten either of those things, but the food I ate resembled the texture and blandness I imagine them to have. I was fed up and just wanted to stop eating completely.

There’s a level of exhaustion that comes with pregnancy

It was a kind of tiredness that would just come over me all of a sudden, I’d wake up exhausted and go to bed exhausted, this was mostly due to having anemia while pregnant. I would take my supplements but then vomit shortly after which wasn’t helping at all. I salute all mama’s out there who have been, or are pregnant while looking after other children at the same time, I can’t even imagine how tough that could be. With this being my first pregnancy I was quite lucky in the sense that I was able to sleep when I wanted, stay in bed when I needed and thankfully I had the support of my husband.

I became very emotional

I wanted to be a mum so bad and for so long, now I had finally conceived I thought that it would be an easy ride from here, but along with the symptoms above I now had this huge worry that something bad would happen to my baby. It felt like all the vomiting was harming him, I started to feel like a failure, I would wake up every morning and the first thing I would do is jiggle my tummy so I could feel him move. If I didn’t feel him right away I would cry and freak out about him not being okay. It was a constant worry of mine, looking back now I have no idea why I jumped to the worst case scenario but this was the start of my anxiety developing.


I didn’t get heartburn for a while, just dealing with the sickness was bad enough, but then it reared its ugly head at about 7 months pregnant and wow, what a nightmare it was! It was just present at all times but the worst in the evenings. I had to sleep sitting up for about two months, before my doctor finally prescribed me some pills. They worked instantly, like why did he take so long to recommend them, hadn’t I suffered enough?

I wish I could give some advice or tips on how to ease some of these pregnancy symptoms but honestly I cant. I will say though, that there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel and once baby is delivered, every symptom goes away and you’re replaced with an overwhelming sense of love. Everything you have gone through will be more than worth it. Just hang in there mama, you got this!

Have you experienced any weird symptoms during your pregnancy? Leave a comment and lets talk about it.